• Image of I Have Company (12" LP) - Silent Someone


Peasant Podium Music's limited edition 12" I Have Company LP

Silent Someone's flawless production featuring the finest MC's in the underground....

Side A
1. Intro
2. We Got Company (Akbar)
3. Put It On (Mazzi and Vicky Green)
4. Lab 82 Remix (Shaz Ill York, El Da Sensei and Oktober Zero)
5. Natural (Gee Dubs)
6. King Magnetic (King Magnetic)
7. A Dope MC (Len Bezerk)
8. Grey Skies (John Robinson)

Side B
9. Rhinoceros Funk (Rhinoceros Funk)
10. Silent Hill (Yahzeed)
11. Special Effects (Tame)
12. El Greco (Dave Dar)
13. Live from the Pelham (Emskee)
14. Derek X (Sadat X)

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